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A huge apology goes out to being very absent with this blog. There are a plethora of reasons I could say to explain why, but I won’t waste time doing so. I am ready to jump in and move into being more frequent with this blog and website and I am thrilled you are along for the journey. As I begin a more consistent flow for this page, I look forward to connecting with you! Thank you so much for clicking here and becoming a part of my life.

This blog is supposed to serve as an insight into my life and happenings, as well as to get all of you more acquainted with who I am. I hope it serves as a reflection to my character, work ethic, and qualities that you, as readers, clients, and creatives, come to view as acceptable and respectable. I’d like to view myself as an easy-going, adaptable, personable individual who loves to create photography and meet and connect with others. 

I can delve into a project I worked on a couple months ago with a very dear friend, Renee Shipton. As someone who went to college with me, she and I connected and continued to be very close as she moved on and into the post-graduate life that I have also found myself in. We both have a love for creating things, hers being baked goods, and myself photographs. She inquired about creating a portfolio of her pies and tarts and I was delighted to help her.

HomeBerry Pies is a pastry business located in Marion, Indiana. As of May 1st, if you are in or passing through the area, you can catch her stand in the Marion Open Market. Renee desires to use the platform of this business to form a new connection between growers and consumers. She holds a strong passion for community growth and promoting what others already have created through quality products. 

Her mission statement states: “HomeBerry bakes fine pastries, which seek to honor food traditions and strengthen community connectedness by promoting local growers, organizations, and events; educating new generations and providing equitable opportunities.”

And, I believe that I was able to capture the heart and intent of Renee’s passion towards making her baked goods bridges to her community and all those who are able to taste and experience HomeBerry Pies. Honoring traditions are close to home with Renee, for she chose pastries because her mother was the one who taught her how to bake. Pies are also an iconic American dish, and each type is a reflection of the places they were created: Dutch Shoofly Pie, southern Peach pie, coastal Key Lime pie, northern Cherry and Apple pie, to name a few. 

Pies are also a tell-tale descriptor for people. Renee finds joy in asking others what their favorite pie is. She bridges small talk into more deeper conversation of stories/ along the lines of a grandmother making butterscotch pie, or an aunt bringing her lemon meringue pie to the family pot luck, etc. Pies and tarts have a solid standing in the large scale food production in our fast paced lives, but she hopes to use HomeBerry Pies as a reminder of food traditions. There is something fascinating about knowing where your food is from and who makes it. You get to experience the hard work of someone’s hands creating the piece of pie or tart you eat. 

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Here are a few exclusive images from the collection that we created together.