It has been quite a while since I've written a blog post.

I'd like to say that an incredulous amount of circumstances have happened to make this a fascinating post, but that wouldn't be telling the truth. The hype of life after college doesn't quite prepare you for all of the stand still moments of nothing turning up or being left to your own devices to push yourself further. I've not been the confident person that I used to be before coming home. This intrinsic motivation stuff isn't quite my forte, but realizing that I have only myself to blame when something doesn't go as planned is something I've come to see. It's been a slower process to get into where I am needed to be where I'm at currently. A great deal of personal family issues have come up as well, but this is all part of the journey of growing up and into life.

One of the joys that's happened recently is watching my goddaughter become two. Gwendalynn Honey Iris was born two years in August and I've been able to document her precious moments. She's come a long way and she'll keep brightening the lives that she will come to know. She's a spitfire of energy, curiosity, and defiance, but what can you do with those terrible two's. Please click the image to view the full gallery below.

I've also had the privilege of documenting the joining of Katie and Sean Forste earlier this month and it was a lovely intimate ceremony, with only a few of their closest family and friends to witness their union. Here's a preview of their wedding.

A phenomenal development for my photographic career is that I've been able to get business cards. Here's my Instagram post of receiving them from MOO print. They are lovely cards, with my favorite images from my portfolios.

And, lastly, a preview of a food project that I've been slowly working on.

Thank you all for keeping up with me! I look forward to showing you the next great thing in my journey into life and photography.