It feels like it has been forever when it has actually just been a couple of weeks since I 'graduated' from Indiana Wesleyan University. 

 My photography professor, Rob Curfman, and myself.

My photography professor, Rob Curfman, and myself.

I've recently become a graduate, or at least been through the ceremonial aspects of it. I'm currently in a May term independent study course for my final credit hour of college. It's a sociology seminar on body suffering and death. If you learn anything about me through this post, you will know that I adore sociology. The study of how people interact with each other on every aspect of life is so fascinating to me. I really care and love people, and that is a huge inspiration for my creativity. That will come out through future work that I will create and blogs I will post, I am sure.


This blog is spurring the creativity to continually photograph and put myself out there. As I mentioned, this blog is welcoming you into my life. Not every day is an eventful triumph, but each day is anew. Something that has influenced me greatly is the consistent reminder from Rob Curfman -- featured above, my photography professor and influencer, that in order to become a successful photographer, you must become intrinsically motivated. The drive to continue to be a creative is something that must come from within, because there are no more ‘assignments’ from class, or any grade or class to hold you in check with a timeline. It is all on yourself, and I am already feeling that with only being a couple of weeks out of the college rigmarole. It can be really hard to be consistently creative, to make something profound out of the mundane. I’ve only been working on my independent study, but I can give you an little insight the small changes that have occurred within my life ‘post graduation.’

I’ve currently made a couple of small purchases that are going to greatly benefit me in the long run. The first find is the gorgeous, structured hand bag from Goodwill. Without further inspection, I assumed that this was a designer bag, but it is nameless. I find this bag perfect to fit my camera, lenses, external flashes, cords, and other items that are very important to my photography needs.

Another activity that I’ve been actively starting up is creating terrariums. Terrariums, if you do not know, are these ‘enclosed’ gardens of succulents, cacti, moss, and other more self-supporting plants. I use enclosed loosely because they do not have to be in a completely inclosed case to be a terrarium. What you are seeing are my first three plant purchases and the first part of the foundation of my terrarium. From left to right, you have Emerson, Milton, and Thoreau. I’ve named them -- yes I named them, after authors and poets that I admire, and two of them are Transcendentalists, who highly valued nature and all that jazz. I deemed it appropriate. To be actively caring for these plants and creating something with physicality and life is helping to humble me and bring me joy and drive, especially when I am down on my craft.

Tea is a real treat for me. I am quite the avid tea drinker, for I am unable to have coffee. With this post, it marks a special occasion as well, because this flavor, ‘Magic of Roses’, is from Blackbird Cafe in Valparaiso, Indiana. It’s a flavor I’ve been waiting for 5 years to receive because it’s been on back order from Germany since the time I last had it in high school. It’s a lovely combination of rose petals, fruit bits, and rich flavor. It’s the perfect herbal tea to have whilst editing photos or any work.

Things are really slow for now, with my business and doing photography, but I cannot let that get to me. I’ve got some great things in the works and it will be a pleasure to share with you as they come along. Until next time!