Lifestyle with Luke.

Welcome to my blog!

 This is an image of myself, Lex Asbury, with two of my college professors, Rod Crossman and Professor Mazellan.

This is an image of myself, Lex Asbury, with two of my college professors, Rod Crossman and Professor Mazellan.

I invite you to experience an inside look into my work and my life. I will be graduating this weekend from Indiana Wesleyan University, so this blog and website will mark the ending of my college season and the beginning of my career as a photographer. I have a myriad of genres that I hope to work within, so you'll have quite the selection of posts to see. I will be taking great pleasure with utilizing this blog because it marries two of my many passions: meeting people and photographing people. This blog post will show off blog-exclusive photography and explore the style choices behind the model, which is something that I hope to continue with all of my lifestyle work.

But enough introduction the blog, for now we shall talk about Luke. Luke is my first lifestyle model and a dear friend of mine. I met him last year, and we bonded over tea, hugging, and much more. It's so fascinating how someone can become so close to you in such a short period of time. I asked him to be a model for my lifestyle portfolio and he agreed without hesitation. What a great friend he is. Now to clothes!

Luke's first outfit was inspired by the cream-colored coat he bought on sale at Zara -- he said to mention it was over $200 off numerous times. Luke found the button-up, pants, tie, and suspenders later with a simple "business blue" in mind. He accessorized with a watch his father gave him -- more on that later -- and his favorite pair of shoes: Polo Ralph-Lauren with leather laces.

Luke's next outfit was inspired by Ernest Hemingway. Though "Papa Hemingway" dressed quite a bit differently, Luke created this outfit with writing in mind. He started with a blue flannel style undershirt and covered it with a brown cardigan -- all the rage with writers! His tie was hand embroidered in the early sixties as he was given this tie by his great-grandfather, Granddad. The Armitron watch from this outfit was a gift from Luke's father, so this outfit is very sentimental. Luke wears his leather Polo's with it, making this one of his favorite outfits. Since Luke is a writer himself, he wears this to feel inspired.

This next look was a compilation of Luke's childhood as both a "city-kid" and "country-boy." He starts of with a sleek blue undershirt made with thin cotton and pairs that with skinny jeans and blue and leather Polo Ralph-Lauren boat shoes (the "city boy" aspect). He accessorizes with a brown leather jacket and a cross necklace (also given to him by his father) to tie in his country roots. 

Next, this outfit is inspired by the teal tank. It was designed by Luke's friend Aaron Radionoff and can be found at Luke wears this tank with blue and cream striped Zara shorts and his Polo boat shoes. To accessorize, Luke wears an orange glass necklace (found in a Chinese gift shop) and the watch his father gave him. 

In this final outfit, Luke decided to wear all of his favorite things. He wanted to go for the "school boy" look, so he started by wearing his RayBan horn-rimmed glasses. With blue skinny shorts, he wears a baseball shirt given to him in college by his Freshman dorm, Bowman. With this, Luke wears his Polo boat shoes and his father's small-town vintage Letterman jacket from '89. Finally, he adds his cross necklace for good measure. 

It was a pleasure to be able to have Luke be my first model for lifestyle. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, check out my website, and support me along the way. I hope you continue to do so as I continue my creative journey. Blessings!

- Editing by the model, Luke Garfield.

- Photography by Lex Asbury.