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A huge apology goes out to being very absent with this blog. There are a plethora of reasons I could say to explain why, but I won’t waste time doing so. I am ready to jump in and move into being more frequent with this blog and website and I am thrilled you are along for the journey. As I begin a more consistent flow for this page, I look forward to connecting with you! Thank you so much for clicking here and becoming a part of my life.

This blog is supposed to serve as an insight into my life and happenings, as well as to get all of you more acquainted with who I am. I hope it serves as a reflection to my character, work ethic, and qualities that you, as readers, clients, and creatives, come to view as acceptable and respectable. I’d like to view myself as an easy-going, adaptable, personable individual who loves to create photography and meet and connect with others. 

I can delve into a project I worked on a couple months ago with a very dear friend, Renee Shipton. As someone who went to college with me, she and I connected and continued to be very close as she moved on and into the post-graduate life that I have also found myself in. We both have a love for creating things, hers being baked goods, and myself photographs. She inquired about creating a portfolio of her pies and tarts and I was delighted to help her.

HomeBerry Pies is a pastry business located in Marion, Indiana. As of May 1st, if you are in or passing through the area, you can catch her stand in the Marion Open Market. Renee desires to use the platform of this business to form a new connection between growers and consumers. She holds a strong passion for community growth and promoting what others already have created through quality products. 

Her mission statement states: “HomeBerry bakes fine pastries, which seek to honor food traditions and strengthen community connectedness by promoting local growers, organizations, and events; educating new generations and providing equitable opportunities.”

And, I believe that I was able to capture the heart and intent of Renee’s passion towards making her baked goods bridges to her community and all those who are able to taste and experience HomeBerry Pies. Honoring traditions are close to home with Renee, for she chose pastries because her mother was the one who taught her how to bake. Pies are also an iconic American dish, and each type is a reflection of the places they were created: Dutch Shoofly Pie, southern Peach pie, coastal Key Lime pie, northern Cherry and Apple pie, to name a few. 

Pies are also a tell-tale descriptor for people. Renee finds joy in asking others what their favorite pie is. She bridges small talk into more deeper conversation of stories/ along the lines of a grandmother making butterscotch pie, or an aunt bringing her lemon meringue pie to the family pot luck, etc. Pies and tarts have a solid standing in the large scale food production in our fast paced lives, but she hopes to use HomeBerry Pies as a reminder of food traditions. There is something fascinating about knowing where your food is from and who makes it. You get to experience the hard work of someone’s hands creating the piece of pie or tart you eat. 

Facebook Page: Home Berry Pies

Location of the Marion Open Market:


Here are a few exclusive images from the collection that we created together.


It has been quite a while since I've written a blog post.

I'd like to say that an incredulous amount of circumstances have happened to make this a fascinating post, but that wouldn't be telling the truth. The hype of life after college doesn't quite prepare you for all of the stand still moments of nothing turning up or being left to your own devices to push yourself further. I've not been the confident person that I used to be before coming home. This intrinsic motivation stuff isn't quite my forte, but realizing that I have only myself to blame when something doesn't go as planned is something I've come to see. It's been a slower process to get into where I am needed to be where I'm at currently. A great deal of personal family issues have come up as well, but this is all part of the journey of growing up and into life.

One of the joys that's happened recently is watching my goddaughter become two. Gwendalynn Honey Iris was born two years in August and I've been able to document her precious moments. She's come a long way and she'll keep brightening the lives that she will come to know. She's a spitfire of energy, curiosity, and defiance, but what can you do with those terrible two's. Please click the image to view the full gallery below.

I've also had the privilege of documenting the joining of Katie and Sean Forste earlier this month and it was a lovely intimate ceremony, with only a few of their closest family and friends to witness their union. Here's a preview of their wedding.

A phenomenal development for my photographic career is that I've been able to get business cards. Here's my Instagram post of receiving them from MOO print. They are lovely cards, with my favorite images from my portfolios.

And, lastly, a preview of a food project that I've been slowly working on.

Thank you all for keeping up with me! I look forward to showing you the next great thing in my journey into life and photography.


Happy 4th of July!

Nothing says America more than the infamous red, white, and blue combination and a juicy, grilled burger.

Some use this day as a day to say 'Happy Birthday America!" Others take the time to remember the historical significance of what this day represents to our country. Some remember those who are in the branches of military who are readily using everything of themselves to stand for this country, like my brother.


I say, thank you to those who are actively in the military and who were, because without them, we would not be freely able to be where our country is today. And, today we light fireworks, gather with our families, and reminisce about the blessings that we all have received.


Have a safe and wonderful day! God bless America.


It feels like it has been forever when it has actually just been a couple of weeks since I 'graduated' from Indiana Wesleyan University. 

 My photography professor, Rob Curfman, and myself.

My photography professor, Rob Curfman, and myself.

I've recently become a graduate, or at least been through the ceremonial aspects of it. I'm currently in a May term independent study course for my final credit hour of college. It's a sociology seminar on body suffering and death. If you learn anything about me through this post, you will know that I adore sociology. The study of how people interact with each other on every aspect of life is so fascinating to me. I really care and love people, and that is a huge inspiration for my creativity. That will come out through future work that I will create and blogs I will post, I am sure.


This blog is spurring the creativity to continually photograph and put myself out there. As I mentioned, this blog is welcoming you into my life. Not every day is an eventful triumph, but each day is anew. Something that has influenced me greatly is the consistent reminder from Rob Curfman -- featured above, my photography professor and influencer, that in order to become a successful photographer, you must become intrinsically motivated. The drive to continue to be a creative is something that must come from within, because there are no more ‘assignments’ from class, or any grade or class to hold you in check with a timeline. It is all on yourself, and I am already feeling that with only being a couple of weeks out of the college rigmarole. It can be really hard to be consistently creative, to make something profound out of the mundane. I’ve only been working on my independent study, but I can give you an little insight the small changes that have occurred within my life ‘post graduation.’

I’ve currently made a couple of small purchases that are going to greatly benefit me in the long run. The first find is the gorgeous, structured hand bag from Goodwill. Without further inspection, I assumed that this was a designer bag, but it is nameless. I find this bag perfect to fit my camera, lenses, external flashes, cords, and other items that are very important to my photography needs.

Another activity that I’ve been actively starting up is creating terrariums. Terrariums, if you do not know, are these ‘enclosed’ gardens of succulents, cacti, moss, and other more self-supporting plants. I use enclosed loosely because they do not have to be in a completely inclosed case to be a terrarium. What you are seeing are my first three plant purchases and the first part of the foundation of my terrarium. From left to right, you have Emerson, Milton, and Thoreau. I’ve named them -- yes I named them, after authors and poets that I admire, and two of them are Transcendentalists, who highly valued nature and all that jazz. I deemed it appropriate. To be actively caring for these plants and creating something with physicality and life is helping to humble me and bring me joy and drive, especially when I am down on my craft.

Tea is a real treat for me. I am quite the avid tea drinker, for I am unable to have coffee. With this post, it marks a special occasion as well, because this flavor, ‘Magic of Roses’, is from Blackbird Cafe in Valparaiso, Indiana. It’s a flavor I’ve been waiting for 5 years to receive because it’s been on back order from Germany since the time I last had it in high school. It’s a lovely combination of rose petals, fruit bits, and rich flavor. It’s the perfect herbal tea to have whilst editing photos or any work.

Things are really slow for now, with my business and doing photography, but I cannot let that get to me. I’ve got some great things in the works and it will be a pleasure to share with you as they come along. Until next time!


Lifestyle with Luke.

Welcome to my blog!

 This is an image of myself, Lex Asbury, with two of my college professors, Rod Crossman and Professor Mazellan.

This is an image of myself, Lex Asbury, with two of my college professors, Rod Crossman and Professor Mazellan.

I invite you to experience an inside look into my work and my life. I will be graduating this weekend from Indiana Wesleyan University, so this blog and website will mark the ending of my college season and the beginning of my career as a photographer. I have a myriad of genres that I hope to work within, so you'll have quite the selection of posts to see. I will be taking great pleasure with utilizing this blog because it marries two of my many passions: meeting people and photographing people. This blog post will show off blog-exclusive photography and explore the style choices behind the model, which is something that I hope to continue with all of my lifestyle work.

But enough introduction the blog, for now we shall talk about Luke. Luke is my first lifestyle model and a dear friend of mine. I met him last year, and we bonded over tea, hugging, and much more. It's so fascinating how someone can become so close to you in such a short period of time. I asked him to be a model for my lifestyle portfolio and he agreed without hesitation. What a great friend he is. Now to clothes!

Luke's first outfit was inspired by the cream-colored coat he bought on sale at Zara -- he said to mention it was over $200 off numerous times. Luke found the button-up, pants, tie, and suspenders later with a simple "business blue" in mind. He accessorized with a watch his father gave him -- more on that later -- and his favorite pair of shoes: Polo Ralph-Lauren with leather laces.

Luke's next outfit was inspired by Ernest Hemingway. Though "Papa Hemingway" dressed quite a bit differently, Luke created this outfit with writing in mind. He started with a blue flannel style undershirt and covered it with a brown cardigan -- all the rage with writers! His tie was hand embroidered in the early sixties as he was given this tie by his great-grandfather, Granddad. The Armitron watch from this outfit was a gift from Luke's father, so this outfit is very sentimental. Luke wears his leather Polo's with it, making this one of his favorite outfits. Since Luke is a writer himself, he wears this to feel inspired.

This next look was a compilation of Luke's childhood as both a "city-kid" and "country-boy." He starts of with a sleek blue undershirt made with thin cotton and pairs that with skinny jeans and blue and leather Polo Ralph-Lauren boat shoes (the "city boy" aspect). He accessorizes with a brown leather jacket and a cross necklace (also given to him by his father) to tie in his country roots. 

Next, this outfit is inspired by the teal tank. It was designed by Luke's friend Aaron Radionoff and can be found at radenough.com. Luke wears this tank with blue and cream striped Zara shorts and his Polo boat shoes. To accessorize, Luke wears an orange glass necklace (found in a Chinese gift shop) and the watch his father gave him. 

In this final outfit, Luke decided to wear all of his favorite things. He wanted to go for the "school boy" look, so he started by wearing his RayBan horn-rimmed glasses. With blue skinny shorts, he wears a baseball shirt given to him in college by his Freshman dorm, Bowman. With this, Luke wears his Polo boat shoes and his father's small-town vintage Letterman jacket from '89. Finally, he adds his cross necklace for good measure. 

It was a pleasure to be able to have Luke be my first model for lifestyle. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, check out my website, and support me along the way. I hope you continue to do so as I continue my creative journey. Blessings!

- Editing by the model, Luke Garfield.

- Photography by Lex Asbury.